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Breast cancer stem cells and interplay with the stromal microenvironment



Dynamic immunogenicity of breast cancer stem cells during tumor initiation and metastasis

Miguel Servet-I + -

Molecular characterization of the immunological traits of triple-negative breast cancer stem cells

II FERO-Mango Breast Cancer + -

Double-edge therapy targeting metastasis-initiating cells and immune cells.

Celià-Terrassa Lab

The Celià-Terrassa’s Lab started in January 2018 and focuses on understanding the complexity and dynamics of metastasis, in particular the molecular mechanisms regulating breast cancer stem cells (bCSCs) and their interplay with the metastatic niche. We are interested on studying the molecular mechanisms underlying Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) cellular plasticity leading tumor progression, chemorresistance and relapse, as a major challenge to efficiently target breast cancer metastasis.