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Breast cancer metastasis; Single-cell multiomics; Transcriptomics; Epigenetics

This position is shared by the Cancer Stem Cells & Metastasis Dynamics Lab (; led by Dr. Toni Celià-Terrassa and the Cancer Molecular Therapeutics group; led by Dr. Joan Albanell and Dr. Ana Rovira.

Requirements of the candidates:

Candidates should have:

• A MSc or a PhD in life sciences BIOINFORMATICS

• Knowledge in single cell analysis from large datasets

• Knowledge in RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq analysis

To apply: please send your CV and motivation letter with the main reason to join the lab to and to We will consider people who have all or some of the requirements listed above to exploit in integrative multidisciplinary metastasis research.

Project:  Immunotherapy resistance in metastatic breast cancer

For more information and to submit your curriculum vitae, contact

Deadline for submission of CV: AUGUST

Celià-Terrassa Lab

The Celià-Terrassa’s Lab started in January 2018 and focuses on understanding the complexity and dynamics of metastasis, in particular the molecular mechanisms regulating breast cancer stem cells (bCSCs) and their interplay with the metastatic niche. We are interested on studying the molecular mechanisms underlying Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) cellular plasticity leading tumor progression, chemorresistance and relapse, as a major challenge to efficiently target breast cancer metastasis.